Appointment of Locum Doctors through Recruitment Agencies

The need for locum doctors is increasing with a rapid rate because of the rise in the need for doctors at large. Locum doctors are a temporary replacement for ab absent doctor. There are various agencies that make a contract with the locum doctors and inform about the vacancies. The recruitment agencies help connecting the locum doctors with various clinics, hospitals and other places where doctors are needed. There are certain principles that have to be followed for the appointment and recruitment of locum doctors:

1. It is mandatory for every locum doctor to meet the minimum qualifications required. Even if they are appointed for a very short duration of time, they cannot enter into the contract without having qualification and experience to be the one. Agencies are expected not to forward the request for those doctors who do not meet the criteria.
2. In case the locum doctor is appointed for a long duration, it should be treated as a utilitarian appointment and steps must be taken accordingly. Recruitment agencies ask for the availability of the locum doctors and send them for the post accordingly.
3. Agencies generally take the interview of the locum doctors to verify that they know the language well and whether they possess legal knowledge necessary for the contract or not. The legal knowledge can be shared but the language speaking abilities is a must.
4. In case a locum doctor is undergoing some sort of investigation due to the past practice, he should not be appointed. The agencies have to make sure that there should not be any restrictions put on their practice. For this purpose, the locum doctors have to submit all the necessary proofs and documents.
5. Because the locum doctors are treated as other employees, they need to pass the tests and checks that every other employee has to pass. Even if the locum doctor is known to the employer, passing the tests is still a must. The agencies help the locum doctors in preparing for those tests so that they can have an idea of what all is asked and how it has to be handled.
6.Locum doctors are generally appointed for working as an employee, and not for training purposes. Unless otherwise the post is specifically for a trainee, they are expected to indulge in working only. That is the reason the agencies pay complete attention on the experience that the locum doctor holds. In case of vacancy for a trainee, the duration of appointment is generally of minimum three months.

Every recruitment agency has its own way of appointing the locum doctors but generally, all of them ask for a legal identity proof, the documents which depicts the right to work, qualification and experience documents, reference documents (if any), criminal record check, health related documents along with the resume. They check to see where the locum doctor will fit suitably as per the requirements and preferences and then arrange for the hiring process. In case of any doubt, the agency can be contacted to clear the procedural confusions.

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